Soundbuilt Homes are not sound.

Fort Huachuca, Arizona 0 comments

Construction nightmare, stay away from Soundbuilt Homes. I've had multiple problems with warranty items that were identified during the inspection.

Heat registers in bathrooms and kitchen were in below cabinets with nothing directing air flow to front of cabinets, fixed after a year of complaining, and numberous visits by heat and cabinet guys.

And many more problems that weren't identified during the walk through.

1. Twice had to call for 2-10 warranty (which I am paying additionally for) on the furnance, limit switch has gone out twice on the unit in 5 years for a new furnance. They put in the cheapest "energy efficient" furnance they could contract.

2. Driveway is cracking down the middle of the driveway because they didn't compact surface and put down gravel. (All my neighbors with Soundbuilt Homes are having the same problem.)

3. Crawl space under home is insulated, but no insulation used in gap between floor and wall which created areas of heat lose and high energy bills compared to similar construction by Puget Sound Energy.

Stay away from this company selling *** for homes. They had so many BBB complaint that their rating was a B- and the complaints were mounting. They disappeared from Thurston county for a while, but now there back so beware.

Review about: Warranty Items.

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